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Gain a holistic view of customers’ financial health, through your current system or our web-based dashboard.

Actionable data
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Connect provides access to real-time financial data to help you serve customers with fair, fast and accurate financing.

Redefine how you assess and serve businesses with effortless data collection from accounting software, banks and third-party sources. Synced every day.

Why Connect

Enriched, real-time data

Take the guesswork out of credit decisions by leveraging Monto’s structured and up-to-date datasets.

Seamless access

Our API lets your customers login to their accounting and bank providers inside your service, and grant their consent to share their financial data.

Continuous insights

Generate synthetic customer income statements and balance sheets on a rolling basis, at the click of a button.

360-degree view of borrowers

Monto aggregates data from accounting software, credit agencies, paid sources, as well as other data providers to paint a full picture of your borrowers’ financials.

Key features

01 Real-time data

Empower your credit teams through seamless API connectivity with daily syncing from real-time data sources.

02 Intuitive dashboards
03 Multi-dimensional
04 Automated processes
05 A better customer experience
06 Transparent data collection

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