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Effortless data access with Connect

Get access to real-time accounting and financial data, on demand.

Real-time insights
at your fingertips

The Connect API is your single connection to major accounting software providers in Sweden.

Connect provides up-to-date accounting, invoice and financial information on your SME business customers – helping your credit agents make the right decisions.

We deliver the financial data you need

Enriched, real-time data

We fetch both current and historic datapoints, neatly categorised to enhance your decision making.

Data sharing made easy

Your borrowers can effortlessly authenticate themselves and share data with your service.

Financial accounts on demand

View synthetic customer income statements and balance sheets, here and now.

Easily integrate with our API today

Seamless Customer Onboarding
Seamless customer onboarding

Our tailored interface lets your customers easily connect to their preferred accounting software, like Fortnox and Visma. You can also design your own onboarding flow using our API.

Easy Sandbox Testing
Easy sandbox testing

Test our API in sandbox mode for free. Get familiar with our data endpoints before pushing to production.

  • Sandbox integration with dummy data
  • Start testing within minutes
  • Explore how accounting data can boost your risk models

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Comprehensive UI's
Intuitive interface

Monto’s web-based dashboard provides relevant data insights in one place. The easy overview helps credit professionals work smarter and gain confidence in each credit decision.

Data categories

01 Financials

Rolling income statement and up-to-date balance sheet.

  • Balance sheet summary
  • Income statement summary
  • Full income statement
  • Full balance sheet
  • Key ratios
02 Invoices
03 Accounting
04 Metrics

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