Better credit decisions,
powered by better data

Monto helps fintechs and SME lenders unleash the power of real-time data. Say goodbye to credit decisions made on outdated information. Say hello to better lending.


Fresh financial data, through one API

Monto gives your organisation seamless access to real-time financial data from SME businesses' accounting software, instantly and securely.

Empowered by our credit intelligence platform, you can:

  • Get actionable financial data with a few clicks
  • Make better, faster credit decisions
  • Enhance the customer experience while reducing risk

Monto changes the way lenders access data

Real-time connectivity

Fresh financial data delivered daily to your team, from the leading accounting software providers in Sweden.

Carefully validated

We built our data architecture from scratch and helped thousands of SMEs access seamless financing.

Intelligence, at every stage

Understand, assess and monitor individual borrowers and stay ahead of their evolving needs.

Get started

Get started with Monto's API today

Easily integrate with our API to get the accounting and financial data you need. Monto works with any tech architecture, helping you get up and running in no time:

  • Instant API testing in sandbox mode
  • Intuitive web-based interface for credit agents
  • We handle end-user authentication and consent
  • Normalised, categorised and synced data access

Transform your
credit business

Integrate real-time data into every process and decision to free up resources, boost business and reduce the probability of default – all at the same time.

Streamlined data collection

No more paperwork and scrambling for disparate data. Empower your credit agents with continuous insights through one simple interface.

Proactive loan monitoring

Monto's notifications help you get ahead of peaks, troughs, red flags. Take action before it's too late.

It's time to change SME lending, for good

Michael Hansen

In 2015, our founders launched the pioneering lending and factoring service Capcito. Powered by real-time credit assessments, the company has changed the way SME businesses in Sweden access financing.

Launching Monto in 2021, we decided to tap into the massive opportunity of helping other lenders achieve similar results. All our learnings from Capcito have been poured into Monto's credit intelligence platform.

Thomas & Anna

Besides gaining the unique experience that comes with serving thousands of SMEs with cutting-edge tools, we have also joined forces with an industry giant.

In 2021, Monto and Capcito were acquired by Fortnox, Sweden's number one accounting software provider. We both share the vision of offering the smart, fair and fast lending services that SMEs have lacked sorely until today.

If you represent a fintech, bank, factoring company or anything in between, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about Monto.

Let's build the future of SME financing together.

Get up and
running, today!

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