Monto Assess

Assess: Credit
intelligence 3.0

Unleash the power of real-time data for better-informed, automated credit analysis.

Better, smarter lending tailored for SMEs

Assess is a next-generation scoring and monitoring engine that enables your credit officers to approve – and retain – more high-quality business whilst reducing default risk.

Empowered by intelligent and easy-to-use credit tools, your team can forget all about manual data collection – and double down on a superior borrower experience.

Make tough calls easy

Monto’ Assess enables efficient credit decisioning while leaving you in control of score weightings, credit limits and tailored cut-off scores. Bring in more business while reducing losses and improving the borrower experience.

Stay ahead of financial risk

We leverage machine learning algorithms validated on years of data to analyse a wide range of company and sector-wide information, so you can be notified of potential problems before they turn into disasters.

Data categories

01 Efficient sorting

Monto Assess’ technology can automatically categorise clear-cut credit decisions, freeing up employees’ time to focus on cases that require their full attention.

02 Customisable dashboards
03 Slice by sector
04 Real time underwriting
05 Leading prevention & mitigation
06 Seller and buyer linking

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