Meet Salim Gabro, Monto’s new Product Manager

Published May 16, 2023

We’re delighted to introduce Monto’s new Product Manager, Salim Gabro. His experience in understanding customer needs is a major asset as we launch Connect and Assess to the market. Here’s a few quickfire questions with our superstar. 🚀

Salim joined our team in early April and has hit the ground running. His very first week he got to celebrate our move to new offices at Kungsgatan, along with four other new joiners.

“I’ve only been here for a month, but honestly, it feels like much more than that,” Salim says.

”The people at Monto have been very welcoming and made me feel part of the team early on. You can feel the scale up atmosphere here and the strong focus on delivery. It’s amazing how everyone has so much to do but still takes time to welcome and introduce you to stuff. That says a lot about the culture here.”

Salim has taken on a wide range of responsibilities, from customer dialogues and user journey mapping to implementing a seamless API architecture. All of this feeds into the companywide focus of launching Connect and Assess for our fintech and bank customers – enabling them to make better decisions through easy access to high-quality financial data.

"I joined Monto because the company is solving some really fundamental problems in the financing industry."

- Salim Gabro, Product Manager

Here’s a few quick questions and answers with our new joiner:

How have you been welcomed at Monto?

Everybody at Monto is both talented and friendly. It’s rare to find a place where literally everyone is good at their job! Here they definitely are. In my opinion, this is a key factor behind Monto’s success so far!

What motivated you to join the company?

I joined Monto because the company is solving some really fundamental problems in the financing industry. The reason why many promising small and medium-sized companies struggle is not due to bad business plan or poor execution – it's lack of access to capital. By empowering financing companies to better understand and serve SME businesses, Monto can be part of transforming how these businesses secure their cash flow needs.

I’m really inspired by being part of this journey from the early days. If we can equip financial providers with the best possible credit intelligence tools, the financing industry can function  much better for everyone. And more SME businesses will be able to thrive as a result.

Tell us something about your professional background?

I have a background within consulting at a big firm for larger banks and insurance companies in various product owner and business analyst roles. I also have experience working with business development in the early startup phase, most recently at Zimply, an AI assistant company.

How are you going to apply your skills at Monto?

In my previous roles, I have done plenty of user research and conducted user workshops. I have experience from digging beneath the surface and figuring out what customers really need and expect from a service. I think this mindset will come in handy as we develop Monto’s credit intelligence offering. But I believe what I will bring foremost is to keep the product customer-focused, and meet users’ requirements through a service-minded attitude.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have two small kids so… not a lot of spare time 😜 When I do get some alone time I like to watch sports, catch up with the old gang, play football or hang out with my wife!