How DBT Capital enhances its lending business with Monto

Published September 21, 2023

Photo by Alexander Donka

DBT Capital helps small- and medium-sized businesses accelerate growth through smart lending services. Monto’s API provides the company with easy and secure access to real-time financial information from leading accounting software providers.

DBT Capital offers loans of up to 35 MSEK (3M €), in addition to revolving credit lines. Its customers are Swedish growth companies of varying history, size and growth stage. What they all have in common is that they are ‘aktiebolag’ (AB), usually with a turnover of at least 20 MSEK (1.7M €) and in need of financing to boost growth, innovate or manage their cash flow. 

To serve these dynamic enterprises, DBT Capital needs up-to-date information that it can feed into its proprietary risk assessment platform.

“It’s extremely important for us to have the best possible information for assessing our existing and potential customers. By having a real-time understanding of businesses’ financial health, we can gain full confidence in our analysis and offer our customers a better service,” says Christer Eliasi-Swahn, CTO of DBT Capital, the fifth fastest-growing fintech company in Europe in 2022, according to the Financial Times.

Seamless feed of quality information

Since partnering with Monto, DBT Capital has connected a sizable share of its customer base. Businesses are simply asked to log-in to their accounting provider of choice and consent to sharing their financial information on a rolling basis.

“We chose Monto because we want to have one API that unlocks access to financial data in Sweden. This allows us to focus on our core expertise, which is making solid and accurate credit assessments.”

Christer Eliasi-Swahn, DBT Capital

The data flow makes the financing process smoother for credit agents and borrowers alike. Forty percent of DBT Capital’s growth comes from repeat business, so having a constant feed of quality information saves everybody time.

“Our credit process requires detailed, granular information that’s at most one month old. The Monto API gives us unified access to standardized accounting information in a single format, enabling our team to focus on analysis instead of data collection. This way they can make the most accurate and fair credit decisions possible.”

Examples of financial information that DBT Capital gets through Monto:

  • Rolling balance sheets and income statements
  • Invoices outstanding and due, average payment terms
  • Notifications on new events in companies
  • Accounting integrations include Visma, Fortnox, MS Dynamics

Cooperation is key

DBT Capital is industry agnostic, and among its customers you can find everything from Stockhult, a small privately owned wood processing company based in the rural north of Sweden in Kalix, to fast growing e-commerce and SaaS companies like online apothecary MEDS and gaming ad-tech company Adverty.

A big challenge facing lendtech companies like DBT Capital is build vs. buy; deciding on what capabilities to build in-house and what to leave in the hands of partners. DBT Capital has found Monto’s API coverage in Sweden useful “because it means we don’t have to spend resources integrating to a host of different accounting systems,” says Eliasi-Swahn.

The CTO credits frequent communication between Monto and DBT’s respective developer teams as key to success: “This means we get instant updates on new features and releases. Monto’s customer success team also provides reliable service in case there’s an issue with connectivity or something else that requires attention.”