Data Sources

Real-time data equals better lending

Access the world of real-time financial data, directly through Monto’s credit intelligence platform.

Accounting data, Bank data & External data
01 Make better and faster decisions
02 Approve more business & control risk
03 Set correct, individualised prices
04 Discover unexplored growth

Thousands of data points, one platform


Access enriched, consistent data with daily syncing – neatly structured and cleaned from duplicates.

ML-driven insights

We use machine learning to transform financial and non-financial data into easy-to-digest metrics and KPIs.

Enhanced risk management

Aggregated data from multiple sources means smarter credit decisions, risk assessment and monitoring.

Insightful data

The full picture,
here and now

When it comes to underwriting and portfolio monitoring, most lenders rely on up to 24-month old, static company data for risk evaluations and credit decisions.

Monto makes your credit team hyper-informed by delivering up-to-date borrower data from dozens of sources. With your customers' full consent, of course.

Today we cover the Swedish market – and we plan to expand our coverage in the near future.

Accounting software data

We provide connectivity to popular accounting systems for YTD revenue, accounts receivable and balance sheet, as well as other relevant credit information.

Open banking data

Open banking data is used to verify invoice transactions and to present ongoing cash-flow calculations. Form a holistic picture of customers’ day-to-day behaviour by combining accounting data with bank transaction data.

External data

Third-party credit databases provide crucial insight into a company’s performance. Monto keeps you on top of wide-ranging external data such as public claims history, board member history and previous annual reports.